Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who stole my bellybutton? and other thoughts about 28.5 weeks

So I have been MIA lately and I guess it can be attributed to that old adage our mothers taught us, "if you don't have anything nice to say...". It has been a rough go here the last few weeks and I just haven't been up to posting anything. Josh filled you in on some of the details, so there is not need to rehash it. I am doing a little better. Had a visit to a physical therapist on Monday and learned a few stretches that help my back a bit. But was told what I knew already, that this back pain is not going to end until this baby is out of me...which is a whole other issue.

So we went to our birthing class last weekend. We did a sort of blitzkrieg attack and knocked it out in two long days. It was informative and weird and hilarious. It is just funny on so many levels to sit around the room with other couples who are in the same situation and talk about incredibly personal things. I have to be honest I was a little like that kid in middle school health class, I couldn't help but giggle a time a two. Josh and I also saw a birthing video that may be permanently seared into out brains. Here's the thing, I know it is a 'beautiful' thing and a miracle and all that. But do I really need to see that up close and personal. I would have been an obstetrician if I wanted that view. I think it is safe to say Josh will be staying up near my head and attending to me during the birth of our little one. He might surprise me, but I know I wouldn't if I were him. I am just glad I won't be able to see what is going on.

For those of you wanting a belly's growing. My bellybutton is changing, it hasn't popped out yet, but is on its way. I am up about 15 pounds now and I think my face is starting to show it a little bit. The kid is kicking and moving non-stop and just in the past few days has really started to do a lot of stretching and pushing. It is different than his movements before, which were kind of violent versions of kung foo. Now it is just a lot of pressure but also still some definite kicks. I just feel like I can feel him moving and stretching like I couldn't before. There was actually a defined bump sticking out the other day and I would push it down and he would push it right back up. This went on a few times and finally I let him win (I don't know what that says about my consistency with discipline, but I didn't think it would form any patterns yet).

Kristen will be taking some maternity photos this weekend so I am sure I will post a few when we got those. It should be fun...even though you know how I feel about being the center of attention, I know it is really important to document this time.

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