Saturday, March 29, 2008

26 weeks

it has been a rough week. I was really nauseous and threw up this week, but am having a lot of back pain as well. Went to the doctors and he said it is just par for the coarse but I am having a hard time believing it can be this bad and there is nothing to do to help it. I am pretty immobile. Morning and night are the hardest. I can barely walk and am in so much pain sleeping is difficult. I looked in to a few support belts, but two of the three I have tried have only aggravated it more. Right now I am just trying to finish school and spend a lot of time on the heating pad. I know that I only have to deal with this for a limited time, so I am trying not to wallow too much, but I do have moments when it is just so hard to function that I just have to break down. I know it is all going to be worth it (or so everyone says)...but it does make me a little sad that this experience has been so crappy. Selfishly I wanted to enjoy this time and look forward to this new arrival, instead I find myself upset and just trying to manage. If you have any magic cures for sciatic nerve pain, please send them my way. But please try to refrain from telling me "this will all be worth it", because even though I like you very much I might punch you in the face. Intense pain for a prolonged time can make people mean...ask Josh, he has to live with me.

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Lauren said...

Well, I looked up sciatic nerve pain on webmd and this is what they had to say - I don't know if that will help you or not, because hopefully your doctor already told you the stuff that's in the article. I do hope you start feeling better soon because we miss seeing you! And this may sound cliche, but I am praying for you!